Did you know?

Bruce Springsteen and Ira Gershwin liked hanging out in Belmar.

Our library was the national Carnegie model.

We were home to the first flock of mute swans bred in America.

Remains of a famous shipwreck are right off our shore.

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4 miles, about 2 hours

1. Belmar Public Library (10th Ave. & E St.)

2. Belmar Historical Society Museum

3. Union Firehouse (9th Ave. & E St.)

4. First Presbyterian Church (9th Ave. & E St.)

5. St. Rose Church (7th Ave. & E St.)

6. Belmar Borough Hall (6th Ave. at Main St.)

7. Belmar Arts Council (608 Railroad Ave.)

8. Spirit of the American Doughboy

9. Breslin Monument/9th Avenue Pier

10. Manutti Marina

11. L Street Beach

12. Ed Brown Airport Playground

13. What Is A Watershed?

14. Birds of Shark River

15. Legend of Shark River

16. Train Station Murals

17. Restaurant Row (Plaza off 8th Ave.)

18. Pyanoe Plaza (9th Ave. & Main St.)

19. Springsteen mural (10th Ave. & Main St.)

20. Anniversary Clock (10th Ave. & Main St.)

21. Belmar Elementary School (11th Ave. & Main)

22. Memorial Field - Dugout Mural (12th Ave.)

23. Belmar First Aid Squad (12th Ave. & Main St.)

24. Monument Row (12th-13th Aves. & Main St.)

25. Belmar Post Office (13th Ave. & Main St.)

26. Magical Garden & Playground (15th Ave.)

27. Calvary Baptist Church (13th Ave. & E St.)


2.75 miles, about 1.5 hour

28. First Baptist Church (410 9th Ave.)

29. Butterfly Garden-Ferruggiaro Park

30. Silver Lake Environmental sign

31. Jane Magovern Playground

32. Silver Lake Environmental sign

33. Huisman Gazebo at Silver Lake

34. Salt Works monument (Ocean Ave. at Silver Lake)

35. Fifth Avenue Chapel (304 5th Ave.)

36. Shroeder Park (Ocean Ave. at 1st Ave.)

37. First Avenue Beach Environmental signs

38. Belmar Fishing Club (1st Ave. boardwalk)

39. 4th Avenue Beach-mobi mats

40. Taylor Pavilion (5th Ave. boardwalk.)

41. 8th Avenue Beach-pirate playground

42. Mast of the Malta (8th & Ocean Aves.)

43. Keel of the Malta (in ocean off 9th Ave. jetty)

44. Howard Roland Pavilion (10th Ave. beach)

45. 13th Avenue Beach-geology/Titanic survivor

46. 15th Avenue Beach-Ira Gershwin

47. 17th Avenue Beach-Cecil Lear

48. 19th Avenue Beach-surf beach

49. 20th Avenue Beach-groins

50. Lake Como

Follow these routes or feel free to create your own!



Podcast Narrated by: Dave Taylor, Mark Walsifer, Sarah Wilton, Spenser Heulitt, Harry Harsin,

Ed Lippincott, Andrew Huisman, Tom Brennan, Merry Brennan

Podcast Script Written by: Merry Brennan

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